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Animal Outreach

Animal outreach programs are available within Minot and the surrounding area.  Outreach programs may be formal or informal.   The focus is “hands on” animal encounters with the goal of educating participants of: wildlife understanding, physical characteristics and adaptations of the selected species, and conservation awareness of issues facing their wild counterparts.  

Outreach visits may be custom designed to fit your needs.  Our programs are suited for all ages.  A typical program will include one selected animal encounter provided by one or two staff members.  The program is designed to consist of 30-45 minutes (including Q&A, and hands on interaction) for up to 50 participants.  A list of outreach animals is provided below.  Rules and restrictions may apply depending on weather and the needs of the selected species.  Please contact the Zoo’s education department for specific information.


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Outreach Program Animals:
• Ball Python
• Chilean Rose Tarantula*
• Chinchilla
• Domestic Ferret**
• Domestic Rabbit

• Hedgehog
• African Spurred Tortoise
• Corn Snake
• Milk Snake

*Indicates animals that cannot be touched by the spectators
**Temperature needs to be 0 degrees F or above

All outreach visits must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Outreach programs are scheduled to coordinate with staff availability. Programs are offered Monday through Friday, regular business hours with respect to the animals’ feeding schedule. Evening or weekend programs are also available at an additional charge.**

Service clubs, and the like, are provided a general Zoo presentation which highlights the Zoo’s history, current statistics, and plans for the future. Animals may or may not be incorporated depending on the group’s needs.

Standard fees*:
A standard fee of $25 includes preparation, driving, set up/tear down and presentation time. Mileage fees will apply to groups outside of Minot city limits. Mileage is calculated by multiplying the current IRS mileage rate by the # of miles traveled. Please refer to the following chart for specific fee information.

Minot Local public and private schools $25.00
Schools outside of Minot city limits $25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Preschools and Daycares
(Short program lasting 15 – 20 minutes)
$25.00, within city limits
$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Nursing Homes/Assisted living centers
(Short program lasting 15 – 20 minutes)
$25.00 within city limits
$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Service Clubs Free within city limits
$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Miscellaneous groups $25.00 within city limits
$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Libraries $25.00 within city limits
$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
*fees are subject to change
**Evening or weekend programs require special staffing considerations and extra fees may apply.  Please contact the Zoo’s Educational Coordinator for more information.


Assembly presentations:
Off-site large assembly presentations may be made at the discretion of the Education Coordinator or Director. Assembly presentations generally last 1 hour and may be custom designed to fit your needs.  Mileage fees will apply for any group outside of Minot city limits.

   Group size:    51-100 people      $100

                         101-200 people    $175

                         201-300 people    $275

Special Considerations:
Groups requesting significant changes to the standard program or multiple animals in one visit may incur additional costs. The pricing will be determined by the Zoo’s educator upon booking the program.

Minot has a strong spirit of volunteerism and charitable giving. Our fees may be waived for groups who make a considerable donation of items needed by the Zoo. Fees may only be waived with proper approval of the Zoo’s Education Coordinator or Director. Discussion and approval of waived fees must be communicated prior to the program.

Contact Information:
Renee Escherich
Education Coordinator
Office: 701-857-4166


Educational Materials for area teachers

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