Zoo To You

Zoo To You Outreach Animal Programs are available within Minot and the surrounding North Dakota community. Programs are designed for any type of group interested in learning more about animals. The focus of Zoo To You is educating participants on wildlife understanding, physical characteristics and adaptations, as well as conservation awareness. Our programs are suited for all ages and audience types. Programs can be offered in a formal and informal setting. Zoo to You is also available for on-site programs.


Observe and meet an animal up-close. Learn about its adaptations, natural history, and conservation story

30 minute program

Add a second animal for an additional cost.

Can be customized to fit state standards

Our most popular program – ideal for service clubs, nursing homes, daycare centers, etc

30 minute program

All Ages

$35 at Zoo | $40 within city limits | $50 outside city limits
+ travel fees



Dive into the world of working at a zoo. Hear about different careers whether it’s being a zookeeper, veterinarian, educator, or the zoo director

30 minute program

All Ages

$30 | $35 outside city limits
+ travel fees



Generally feature 2-3 animals

Ideal for larger groups

60 minute program

All Ages

Pricing based on group size.

51-100 $125 within city limits | $150 outside city limits

101-200 $200 within city limits | $225 outside city limits

201-300 $275 within city limits | $300 outside city limits
+ travel fees

sCHeduling a Visit:

Outreach visits should be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Programs typically run Monday through Friday during regular business hours (9am-4:30pm). Evening and weekend programs (excluding zoo tours) are available at an additional flat rate of $15 on top of program fee, exceptions may be made for programs held at the zoo.

What’s Included:

Program cost includes preparations, driving time, set up and tear down, presentation time and materials needed to present. Presentation time is based on audience interest and includes time for questions and answers, as well as hands on interactions when appropriate. Programs will be presented by an RPZ staff member or a trained volunteer. The facility/group will need to provide a quiet area to present in as well as one table (at least 4-foot in length).

Weather Related Information:

Rules and restrictions may apply depending on weather and the needs of the animal. Per our policy, inclement weather and/or temperatures under 0°F (including wind chill) will results in postponement or cancellation of any scheduled outreach visit that includes a live animal. This is for the safety of our animals. Programs will be rescheduled or refunded based on your individual groups needs.

Don’t See What You’Re Looking For?

Programs can be customized to fit in with your classroom lessons or group’s needs. No idea is too big. Please discuss any special requests with the Education Coordinator prior to scheduling your program.


All outreach visits must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Outreach programs are scheduled to coordinate with staff availability. Programs typically run Monday through Friday during regular business hours (9am-4:30pm). Evening and/or weekend programs are also available at an additional charge.

Service clubs, and the like, are provided a general zoo presentation, which highlights the Zoo’s history, current statistics and plans for the future. Animals may or may not be incorporated depending on the group’s needs. Animal presentations are not available when food is present.

A standard fee of $25 includes preparation, driving, set up/tear down and presentation time. Mileage fees will apply to outreaches provided off Zoo grounds, up to 50 miles. Mileage is calculated by multiplying $0.75 by the # of miles traveled, round trip. Beyond 50 miles, additional fees will apply as such: 50-75 miles $25 flat fee plus mileage; 76-100 miles $50 flat fee + mileage; over 100 miles $50 flat fee + $50 every 50 miles (over 100 miles) + mileage. Gas mileage fee of $0.75 includes additional staff time, cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance, and time animal is off exhibit.